Contemporary Investment Manager Due Diligence

 A series of 7 classes designed for the financial professional interested in understanding what moves markets and how to use that knowledge to their advantage.

Most clients want active investment managers so we try to find firms that are likely to earn their fees by outperforming a passive alternative. But because you are very busy managing client relationships, you probably rely on others for this search, using either internal research staff or outsourced due diligence firms. The problem is that these researchers use old outdated tools that have never worked. It may surprise you, but researchers can’t even answer a basic question correctly: who is winning and who is losing? Consequently winners are fired and losers are hired, and clients suffer the consequences.


Learn the two fundamental questions that must be answered correctly in order to differentiate investment winners from losers.
• Understand why the old tools cannot address these questions. Indexes and peergroups do not work.
• Lean about tools that do work. Yes, there are better ways.
• Proof that the new tools are superior. Evidence-based investing.
• How to require the best from your due diligence researchers

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Course Type: self-paced with faculty support
Course Author:
 Ron Surz

Course Duration: 90 minutes