Courses for Individuals

Our courses for individuals are specifically designed to help educate individuals, and set forth the fundamental basic principles of sound investing upon which everything else depends. Become a savvy investor by learning about investment vehicles such as ETFs, bonds, Annuities and many more.  Learn to set investment objectives to help you reach your financial goals.  We also have courses on security and corporate fraud.  In these you will learn about the history of fraud from the South Sea Bubble to Ponzi to Madoff and beyond.

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Other Vehicles for InvestingMore Info »
Investment StrategiesMore Info »
Setting Investment Objectives to Reach Your GoalsMore Info »
Understanding EconomicsMore Info »
What is the Federal ReserveMore Info »
Know Your RightsMore Info »
Securities FraudMore Info »
Securities Fraud in the Digital AgeMore Info »
Financial ReformMore Info »
How to Not Get Ripped Off Somebody Else's Money (Entire Series)More Info »
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Steps to Financial LiteracyMore Info »
What Makes Markets MoveMore Info »
Money Culture Core Curriculum (Entire Series)More Info »