Wealthcare Capital Management® offers this intensive training and certification program to teach advisors how to make a real difference in people’s lives and thus the nobility and satisfaction that comes to the advisor in becoming that valuable. Upon completion of the required coursework, students will have extensive knowledge of the underlying concepts of the Wealthcare System as well as the tools to successfully integrate Wealthcare into their own practice. Becoming a Certified Wealthcare Analyst™ gives a student the skills to be at the forefront of the future of financial advising.

Students can sign up for the Complete Certified Wealthcare Analyst Course which includes a free one year subscription to Financeware (for new users, special pricing available for existing users) or they can take individual lessons from the course at their own pace as described below.

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Complete Certified Wealthcare Analyst - All Six LessonsMore Info »
The Swing Designed by Committee-Industry “Best Practices” Compared to WealthcareMore Info »
Orchestrating the Music of Peoples' LivesMore Info »
Discovery. Getting to the Heart of What Someone Values-Making Money MeaningfulMore Info »
Designing Advice that Inspires-Where it All Comes TogetherMore Info »
Reliability–Implementing a Portfolio that Makes Dreams a RealityMore Info »
Changing Your Plan to Stay on Track–Ongoing Advice and MonitoringMore Info »