Courses for Trustees

These courses are designed to improve trustee understanding of their FIDUCIARY responsibility, and some of the problems the industry presents. You will gain a firm understanding of the fundamental principles of fiduciary responsibility and corporate ethics.  We’re being defrauded by the Corporate elite. Learn what’s happening and how to avoid it. Learn how to deal prudently with somebody else’s money. Learn about who is a fiduciary and what it means for you. Examine YOUR Fiduciary responsibility.


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Biggest Crooks in Corporate FraudMore Info »
How to Not Get Ripped Off Somebody Else's Money (Entire Series)More Info »
Global Fiduciary Strategist DesignationMore Info »
401(k) CultureMore Info »
The ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities Course for 401(k) Plan Sponsors, Their Officers and Board MembersMore Info »